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Insights and Discoveries: Documenting Technical Tutorials on Full Stack Application Development and Beyond.

Mobile Development – Ionic Introduction

Hello all, I have been seeing a lot of new technologies using this idea of being able to be cross platform on multiple devices since there are so many different types of devices out there. The idea here is since there are multiple devices with different screen sizes...

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Android Development – Layouts

What are the most important features of an app for the users? In my opinion I believe it's the user interface that create the best experience regardless of what the app does. Creating a cool application with a innovative and complex algorithm is awesome; however, if...

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Android Development – User Interface

As I had said in the "first thoughts" about Android Development, the user interface of the app is written in Xml code. What does that really mean to the programmer? Well, it means that components such as buttons, radio buttons, textviews, etc are all going to be in...

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Android Development – First Thoughts

Android Development at a Glance: Getting started with android development was a little different then what I was used to with desktop development.   User Interface: The user interface is handled with XML which is a little different than what I was used to with...

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Java Swing – JTextField

We have learned a lot about how to put different kinds of things into our desktop applications but what if we want to add some text to our applications; I know we have already covered a way to do that with a Jlabel but today I will be showing you a way which is a...

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Java Swing – JLabel(Part 2)

Today we will continue to learn a little bit more about the magnificent JLabel. Like I had said before not only can we use it to display text, but we can also add some images to it. Isn’t that exciting! Ok, well I’m not sure if you are as excited as I am about this,...

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Java Swing – JLabel

I am very excited to tell you that today we will final get to make some magic happen. You might be thinking something like “ how will I (insert your name here) make magic happen; ” don't worry we won't be pulling bunnies out off hats, nor will we being doing an...

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Java Swing – JPanel

Why hello there. So far we have learned about the basis of every Java Swing desktop application which was the JFrame (If you haven't read it feel free to read that post before continuing). We learned many great things about the JFrame, but how do we start drawing and...

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Java Swing – JFrame

We are going to be taking baby steps, and the first thing we are going to talk about when creating desktop applications is the frame. Let me start by explaining a little about what the frame I am talking about is, so the frame is actually a very simple concept which...

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