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Hello all, I have been seeing a lot of new technologies using this idea of being able to be cross platform on multiple devices since there are so many different types of devices out there. The idea here is since there are multiple devices with different screen sizes and different resolutions then we as programmers should be able to program once and be able to run it anywhere. Sound familiar? 🙂 It should, it’s sort of like the Java way but not necessarily. Anyways, the best thing about this idea is that it would run on a web based window. Most of the devices today have some sort of ability to connect to the web, so they are able handle web applications. It’s a very cool technology I think because lets face it, most of us want to target as many users as possible because who doesn’t like playing with cool software?

What is it?

How can all of this awesomeness be possible? It’s probably some sort of cool magic trick. Of course it’s some cool magic; everything involving programming is cool. Lets get back to the serious matter here this awesome mobile development is made possible by two excellent frameworks named Angular and ionic. At the time of this post the latest version of Ionic is Ionic 3, and the latest version of Angular is Angular 5. Lets look a little bit at both of the frameworks.


You might of heard of Angular. It is a popular framework used for building fast and powerful single page web applications. It uses or good old web development technologies which are Html, Css, and Typescript. Typescript is basically Microsoft’s interpretation of Javascript; the typescript gets read as Javascript.


Now that we know what the technologies that are being used with Angular lets look at Ionic’s technologies. Ionic is using angular in terms of having Html, Css, and Typescript; however, Ionic also uses Cordova, a wrapper framework for the Html, Css, and Javascript.

Final Thoughts:

I went over a little bit of the basics of Ionic and what the application is made up of. I encourage you to take a look at the Ionic documentation a bit and kind of read over it a bit. So far I’m really liking the cross-platform development process with Ionic and hope to keep using it; stay tuned I will be creating more blog posts about Ionic and my journey with it. Keep coding!